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Family Time

Child Supervision
and Monitoring

Maria T. Biddle

     (845) 551-5576

     PO Box 3340

     Santa Monica, CA 90408


What We Offer

Security, Safety, Confidence

Security and Safety

We offer a safe environment for your off-site child visitations and exchanges.  You can be assured that your personal circumstances are kept confidential unless otherwise legally required.  We value your privacy and will exercise due discretion.



Having undergone professional training and background clearance, we are trained to act as neutral agents and promote optimum allowable interactions between the non-custodial parent and children.


About Maria T. Biddle

     I am a grandparent, single parent, and tutor.  A retired New York state certified teacher in mathematics, chemistry, and physics, I relocated to California and subsequently obtained my California teaching certification.  Trained as a professional monitor, I underwent background clearance through Trustline.

Additional background information::

  •      Intercollegiate fencing champion (foil)

  •      B.E. In Chemical Engineering, Cooper Union, NY

  •      M.S. in Chemical Engineering, Columbia   University, NY

  •      Chemical engineer in private industry

  •      Hobbies:  classical guitar, backgammon




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Supervised Visitation Services

(845) 551-5576

PO Box 3340

Santa Monica, CA 90408

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